Monday, May 16, 2016

Summer's Coming!

Summer's Coming!  
Make sure you have stocked up on your Activity Book and Bordom Busters!!!

Don't let Rainy Day's get you down!

 These look like so much fun and would be a great thing to keep in your kids memory box!

 My kids love these paper plane making books.  They show you how to make the airplanes and then there is cool paper to make them with!!

For the little writers!  These look so fun!

Activity Packs are great for traveling and for gifts!  

These books look so cool!

Coloring is so fun and great for all ages!  

Great books to keep kiddos busy!

These First Sticker books are easier for little fingers to take off the page and place where they want them. Sticker books are so good for hand eye coordination as well as creativity! 

 I love these reusable sticker books.  
My kids love these!

These educational sticker books are so fun, but also have text talking about the subject!!

Wipe clean cards are great for keeping kiddos busy while traveling or even just at the doctor or grocery store! I have a couple of these on a ring stuck in my purse incase we need something!

Wipe Clean books are so great for your little learners to practice writing!

I love these slot together doll house, castle, and town are so cool!!!

Kits that make for a fun time of learning and creating!!!