Monday, May 16, 2016

Summer's Coming!

Summer's Coming!  
Make sure you have stocked up on your Activity Book and Bordom Busters!!!

Don't let Rainy Day's get you down!

 These look like so much fun and would be a great thing to keep in your kids memory box!

 My kids love these paper plane making books.  They show you how to make the airplanes and then there is cool paper to make them with!!

For the little writers!  These look so fun!

Activity Packs are great for traveling and for gifts!  

These books look so cool!

Coloring is so fun and great for all ages!  

Great books to keep kiddos busy!

These First Sticker books are easier for little fingers to take off the page and place where they want them. Sticker books are so good for hand eye coordination as well as creativity! 

 I love these reusable sticker books.  
My kids love these!

These educational sticker books are so fun, but also have text talking about the subject!!

Wipe clean cards are great for keeping kiddos busy while traveling or even just at the doctor or grocery store! I have a couple of these on a ring stuck in my purse incase we need something!

Wipe Clean books are so great for your little learners to practice writing!

I love these slot together doll house, castle, and town are so cool!!!

Kits that make for a fun time of learning and creating!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More New Amazing Books! Mid-Season New Titles!!!

 What!!! Even more wonderful new titles!  I absolutely love the plush hush-a-bye books!  So adorable and such a great gift for anyone expecting a child!  I know I will getting a few of these!  If you love these books as much as I do and love getting enriching fun gifts for the kiddos in your live head on over and get a few!

I love the muddle match books and these new titles are so fun!  My kids are going to love these!  Another one of my all time favorites is pop up books!  Just in time for spring!

I already have gotten my kids the Nibbles book and we adore it!  So unique and fun!  All of these new titles look so great!!!

Great new fiction titles!  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fill Your Kiddo's Baskets with Enriching Educational items vs. Candy!

 As a kid I can remember being so excited to see what the Easter Bunny left. Candy of course!  But we always had something special too! 

I've continued this tradition with my kids, but I try to keep the candy to one or two items because I know they will get candy from other family, but also because I really try to limit the amount of candy my kids are taking in.  It's just really not good for you! LOL

I do get them a fun alternative though.  I love getting them books, sticker books, activity books, even play doe, puzzles, bubbles, fun games!  Basically I try to still make it fun, but not just all candy!  :-)  

I have recently found these really great books!  I actually loved them so much that I became a consultant.  These books are really well made.  They are educational (even the sticker books), and really fun!  The illustrations are beautiful... I just love them.  Check them out!  

To give you a taste here are a few of our best sellers!  I'd love to help you provide enriching gifts for your kiddos to make their Easter baskets Super AWESOME!  

If you want to get some of these great books for your kiddos shop here:

Monday, February 22, 2016

January 2016 New Releases!

Every 6 months, January and July, we remove about 100 titles and add around the same amount! These new titles were just released this January!! There are so many great ones!

I love bedtime stories and these are so lovely and just the right length!

One of our best selling series for early chapter book readers

These books are so fun and very fun!

Keeping those little hands and little brains busy!

My 2 year old loves these wonderful books!

These are so and so BIG!  These make educational topics so fun!

2 new titles with the loved Billie from Billie B Mystery series only when she was littler! :-)

For your puzzle lovers! 

These sticker books are so cool!  Great for kids that love Lego's!

Love these wonderful Classics with beautiful illustrations. 

Coloring is so fun for all ages!  I have one of these already for myself!

I love these books!  In this day and age it is so important to expose our kids to this! 

These books are so fun and motivational!

My absolute favorite new title is Nibbles!!

Great Reference Book and Intro into Genes and DNA  Both are Internet Link which is a wonderful way to continue learning with even more info!

My kiddos love these I wan to be books!

Illustrated Books are my favorite!  These have such wonderful illustrations! 

These Young Adult/ Adult reader books are a hit!  This book actually introduces the Japanese language with a Glossary in the back and everything!

Great books for learning!  

Our Lift the Flap and Peek Inside books are so fun!  Love these!

These little board books are so beautiful!  

These Activity Books looks so fun!  I am definitely getting these for my kids!

Lovely little board books!

Great sets of little board books!!!

We love these titles in my house!!!

These First Reference books are so cool!  I have got to get some of these!

First Words Books are such a great way to start learning to read as well as fun for your little ones learning to talk and communicate!

We have such amazing Non Fiction Books!!!

More titles for one of our hit series!!!  Such great books!

Love love love picture books!  Kooky Crumbs is actually poetry! :-)

This height Chart comes with a That's Not My Book!  We love this series at my house!

Some more great That's not my titles!

This is something that I love to share because I think this is great!

I love all of the Reference Books we have!  

The Shine a Light series is AWESOME!!  

Who doesn't love stickers!

Like paper dolls only better!

I actually got the first book in this very new series for myself to read... then my 17 year old son stole it!  I didn't even get to read it! :-)

History in a story format

These True Story titles are so great!  My 8 year old is going to love these!

Another great series!

I love love love the wipe clean books!  These are great for learning letters... coordination... even my 2 year old loves these... I give her a washable dry erase marker and let her get busy!  She loves it as does my 5 year old and 8 year old!

My kids love the seek and find books!  This is great!

New titles to a great series!

Do you love these titles!  Head over to my store and get some of these great new titles for your little or big readers!  :-)

Do you love a few too many of these to be able to afford them all!  Why not have a party!  I hold facebook parties where you can invite your friends!  I show them these great books through posts of images and videos!  It's actually really fun!  You can earn your whole wish list free for your little reader! Email me at: