Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fill Your Kiddo's Baskets with Enriching Educational items vs. Candy!

 As a kid I can remember being so excited to see what the Easter Bunny left. Candy of course!  But we always had something special too! 

I've continued this tradition with my kids, but I try to keep the candy to one or two items because I know they will get candy from other family, but also because I really try to limit the amount of candy my kids are taking in.  It's just really not good for you! LOL

I do get them a fun alternative though.  I love getting them books, sticker books, activity books, even play doe, puzzles, bubbles, fun games!  Basically I try to still make it fun, but not just all candy!  :-)  

I have recently found these really great books!  I actually loved them so much that I became a consultant.  These books are really well made.  They are educational (even the sticker books), and really fun!  The illustrations are beautiful... I just love them.  Check them out!  

To give you a taste here are a few of our best sellers!  I'd love to help you provide enriching gifts for your kiddos to make their Easter baskets Super AWESOME!  

If you want to get some of these great books for your kiddos shop here:

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