Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I LOVE Usborne Books! Why I Decided to Become a Consultant!

I want to share a little story about Usborne books and how I  to be a Usborne Books and More consultant. I love reading to my kids and babysitting kids. One of my boys had gotten Usborne
books at his birthday. I remember thinking those are really neat books! Really unique from what I've seen in stores. (I used to work for the marketing department in charge of children's books at Wal-mart so I've seen a lot of great books... These were different) Then, I got invited to an online Facebook party for Usborn books From a friend and as soon as I started checking out the catalog I realized hey we have some of those books! I went and found them and looked through them. Again, feeling really excited because these books are so unique and fun! I got a few books at the party I attended and was very impressed by them.  I decided to become a consultant for Usborne Books and More because I love these books, and because I love sharing my love of reading... and books!  These are great books!


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