Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Having a Facebook Party is the Easiest & Funnest Way to Provide Fantastic Books for Your Kids!

I love love love to share Usborne & Kane Miller books with people who are looking for fun, unique, educational books for their kids.  Literacy is so very important, and having a facebook party is so FUN!  

It is so easy and your friends and family will enjoy getting to learn about these great books that you already love!  So, my thinking is if you love it they will love it too!  :-) Really it is your duty as a good friend to share these books with them because if you don't they might not ever learn about them and their kids will be missing out!  BIG TIME!  :-)  Oh wait did I forget to mention you can earn FREE books to share with the little people in your life!  

All kidding aside!  It's the best thing that I have done in a long time attending a Usborne Facebook Book Party for a friend of mine!  It changed my life!  It has enriched my kids lives and I am loving it!  So, what's holding you back!  

I mean where else can you sit back in your jammies, with a snack and any drink you choose! ;-)  and PARTY!  

You want to party I know you do!  Contact me here:

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